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From the person who brought you the Chaotic Shiny generators, Chaotic Shiny Productions is dedicated to bringing you only the most awesome gaming supplements. We tailor our products for 4th Edition D&D because that's what we're playing now and that's what's in, but since we specialize in fluff, our books should have something to offer every game, no matter the system. Whether you're a DM or a player, you're sure to find something you can use in Chaotic Shiny Productions' products.

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10/20/09: With the release date for Martial Flavor on the way, I thought it was about time to start getting professional around here. Chaotic Shiny Productions now has its own domain name, http://chaoticshinyproductions.com. Update your bookmarks! All the old urls should redirect here - if you find a glitch somewhere, let me know.

You might also notice a few more product pages springing up around here. That's my way of letting you know I'm not some fly-by-night swindler who's going to vanish after giving you one good book. Chaotic Shiny Productions is here to stay, and if you buy and enjoy Martial Flavor, you can look forward to more like it on the way.

10/16/09: Exciting news! Finally a release date for Martial Flavor: November 1st! Mark your calendars, and then come and buy the book. There's also some new excerpts up, including the first page of the Ikanoi section which includes some of the gorgeous full-color art you can expect inside of Martial Flavor.

9/22/09: I put up some design notes for Martial Flavor on the product page. Things are progressing well, with the layout nearly done and the art coming along as well.

9/11/09: Sample pages are now up from all three of the cultures featured in the excerpts: Daikort, Sijara and Elessim. This is probably what the final copy will look like, though it's not set in stone.

8/31/09: Another excerpt up, this time about the Elessim, a different take on the mounted fighter. I also reorganized the excerpts page to make it easier to find your way around.

8/24/09: Martial Flavor is now 100% on content! That doesn't mean it's coming out next week, though - there's still plenty of editing and layout work to be done. A new excerpt is up, this time a full page - the Introduction and the Table of Contents. Check it out here or on the product page.

8/14/09: A couple more excerpts up, this time from the Daikort Pack. It's one of the five different subcultures in the book. I probably won't be putting up excerpts from all of them, but you can expect at least one more.

8/9/09: Put up some excerpts from Martial Flavor on the product page, so you can get a better idea of what it's all about.

8/6/09: Hey! Welcome to Chaotic Shiny Productions! There isn't much here yet and we're just getting started, but keep checking back. Or better yet, sign up for the newsletter, and get all the news right away.